Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Cosmetics

The USDA has strict rules for the growing and producing of organic food products. We follow the same guidelines. To use the USDA Organic seal, our ingredients must be at least 95% organic, and the rest must also follow the USDA's rules.
You wouldn't want to eat harmful chemicals, so why would you want to put them on your skin? The reality is many high-end products in the market today use many harmful chemicals as preservatives and other ingredients. In the long run, these topical products have chemicals that do not provide any benefits to your skin.

Using USDA organic products will provide your body vital nutrients giving you long term benefits of soft, healthy and radiant skin. They are gentle on your skin and you can feel safe sharing these products with your kids, spouse, mom, etc. since it can be used on anyone at any age. And all the while, you're supporting organic agriculture, which is good for the whole planet.
You may find the usage directions that are conveniently located on our website and on the product label. To further understand the proper usage steps and product combinations, please click on the Regimen link located under the Product tab.
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