Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate

Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate

Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate

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UV radiation and polluted environments cause skin to age prematurely and damage the outermost layer, the lipid layer. When the lipid layer is damaged, the skin becomes dry, rough, and uneven, making the skin weaker and thinner. This lack of protection can also increase chances of infection. DrJ SkinClinic's Cell Protective Recovery Concentrate (CPRC) is formulated to help restore the damaged skin lipid layer. The active ingredient, Encapsulated Pro-Active Complex (EPAC) -- with main ingredients such as Polyphenols, Tocopherol, and Retinol-- restores your skin.

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  1. Repairs damaged skin lipids to improve strength and appearance of skin.
  2. Enhances skin integrity to prevent more damage after exposure.
  3. High-potency coenzyme Q-10 along with botanical extracts increase the overall skin condition.


Our products are always made without using parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, petroleum and other harmful ingredients.