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Organic C-Powder Kit

Product Review (submitted on November 10, 2014):
What I love about Dr. J's vitamin C product is that it is in a powder form, making it more potent, while avoiding the issue of oxidation as it is prepared "fresh" before you use it. This is essentially a DIY serum that you create mixing the C powder with the accompanying activator. This activator is loaded with good for your skin ingredients such as Licorice Root Extract, Black and Green Tea Leaf Extracts, Chamomile and various fruit extracts.

Once the activator is mixed with the vitamin C powder, just shake the mixture until no powder is visible on the bottom of the vial and apply a few drops to clean skin like you would any serum.

One word of caution - if you have sensitive skin, this will sting! It only lasts a second or two, and once you apply your nighttime oil or moisturizer (it's recommended to use this at night), the "stinging" feeling goes away completely.

That little tidbit out of the way, I do love how clear, bright, smooth and glowing my skin looks the next morning after using this. And though the price may be quite steep for the average gal (or guy), if you can afford this, I highly recommend you try it.