Unique Qualities


We are certified through the USDA-accredited agency QAI to manufacture USDA Organic personal care products.

FDA Drug Registered (FEI 3006185812)

We have registered as an OTC drug manufacturer. This means we are qualified to manufacture SPF products and other over-the-counter products.


Patented Complexes

Pure Organic Soothing Complex - (Oat Kernel Extract, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera Gel and Calendula Extract)

Pure Organic Recovery Complex - (Oils of Nutmeg, Roman Chamomile, Roseship and Lavender)

Pure Organic Rejuvenating Complex - (Oils of Lemon, Rose Geranium, Blueberry and Red Raspberry)

Pure Organic Nourishing Complex - (Oils of Argan, Borage, Olive and Jojoba)

Pure Organic Anti-Oxidant Complex - (Mulberry, Pomegranate, Blackberry and Black Tea)

Patents Pending

For Organic Skin Treatment Complexes #6187962

For Vita-C Skin Treatment


DrJ Organics’ headquarters is based in California, the birthplace and beating heart of the global organic movement. The original model for the USDA National Organic Program was the California Certified Organic Farmers’ standard.


DRJ Organics’ products have been tested by skin professionals, who praise their results on post-laser, chemically peeled, needled and tattoo-damaged skin. The formulations have been tested and approved by medical doctors and skincare professionals as being gentle and soothing to the skin, while providing positive results and noticeable improvements to the clients’ skin.